Transjuralsace fr mouscron

city and sing the main couplet of the traditional song. Tourcoing, which is part of the. In accordance with the national law, the municipality offers dual language services in French and Dutch. Eventually, the beginning of the song Les Bourgeois of Jacques Brel, anecdotally mentions the name of Adrienne du Mont-à-Leux, who was the owner of a popular café in the city. Mouscrons public park dates back to the 1930s. The Saint-Barthélémy church The medieval castle known as the Château des Comtes can still be visited. Bartholomew's Church A few archaeological discoveries were made in this area proving the existence of settlements during Roman times. It was inaugurated in 1932 by Fernand Cocq. Belgian province of, hainaut, along the border with the French city. The 100 family-owned business employs more than 650 people and transjuralsace fr mouscron exports its wide range of potato products to more than 120 countries worldwide. The paving is worth looking at in more detail as it depicts the citys motto: Loyal to the King, up to carrying the beggar's pouch (French: Fidèle au roy, jusquà porter la besace). The municipality of Mouscron now also includes the old municipalities of Dottignies, Luingne, and Herseaux since the Fusion of the Belgian municipalities. The vingt-quatre heure de Mouscron takes place every September. The building is outstanding because of the harmony of its proportions and the fineness of its sculptures. 19th and 20th centuries edit At the beginning of the 19th century, the textile industry flourished and added cotton as one of its prime materials.


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