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Fairport, NY - aoai R0 R-2234 - (southpacifacautosales Albany, OR - Ebay Sale - Sep. ( Oct 2015) R-2384 - No Data R-2385 - No Data R1 R-2386 - John Graham, Mustang, OK 73064 - R1 white with orange interior, all original #3 condition-daily driver. Wayne, IN - aoai 1996 R-2445 - No Data R1 R-2446 - Ethan Pursell, Oklahoma City, OK - aoai R-2447 - No Data R2 R-2448 - "Omit Emblems on ear muffs hood" (Build Sheet Notation) R-2449 - No Data R1 R-2450 - Mark Kroll, South. Aoai 2011 Former owners/Locales; Brian Mackenzie, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada The car is Aqua Marine (1993.M.) with non stock mags but otherwise very close to original and was originally from WisconsIN - R-2641 - No Data R-2642 - No Data R1 R February 2002. Henson R2 purchased in February 2006 from third owner. (27012019) Former Owners/Locales John Poulos, Arnold, MD - Ebay sale, April 2009 R1 R-2334 - Dave Kurzman, Richmond, VA Turning Wheels - May 1992 R-2335 - No Data R-2336 - No Data R-2337 - No Data R-2338 - No Data R-2339 - Laurence Craig, San. Killaloe Cooking Collective 24, Ontario Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Fairfields Keeping Seniors Dry 25, Ontario Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Minopimadiz-i Gamik - Health Services Aging Well - Aging Action Plan for Pikwakanagan First Nation 20, Ontario Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Royal Canadian Legion, Cobden and District Branch 550 Fire Escape Stairs Replacement 18, Ontario. Jude Renovations and Equipment for Parish Centre Kitchen 24, Prince Edward Island Egmont Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 5 New Tables 4, Prince Edward Island Egmont Royal Canadian Legion, O'Leary Branch 2 Building Renovations and Equipment Purchases 25, Prince Edward Island Egmont Slemon Park Corporation Senior's. sdc com moose jaw

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It had been sitting for at least 10 years and hadn't been taken care of during its storage. Avanti Gray, Claret and fawn pleated interor, Am radio, automatic,.73 differential, seat belts. From: Employment and Social Development Canada, the New Horizons for Seniors Program provides grant and contribution funding for projects that are approved through calls for proposals and are aligned with the program's five objectives: Promoting Volunteerism, mentoring. Forty-one years after seeing the first Avanti off the truck at my buddy's family's Studebaker dealership, I've got my own. R1 R-2484 Hemmings, Mill Hall, PA Barnfind - June 2018 (25062018) R-2485 - (stlouiscarmuseum. sdc com moose jaw Currently, the dash gages are metric and sports a speedometer that reads in KPH's. I bought the car from him in 2004 and have been working on it slowly since. Body #63RQ-1396 Engine #R2129 - Old Storage / deteriorated / being sold for parts Sold to: Nov 2006 - Gary. Christello, Somers, NY - aoai 2011 R-2501 - John. Purchased in New York on 7-21-05 and transported to San Diego,. Communication Workshops to Re-frame Aging 21, Manitoba Winnipeg South Meadowood Seniors Club South. 24, Ontario Oakville Oakville Chinese Network Society Oakville Chinese Seniors Ensemble (ocse) 25, Ontario Oakville Oakville Jiu-Jiu Senior Association Jiu-Jiu Performing Art 24, Ontario Oakville Oakville Lawn Bowling Club Bowls Enabling Equipment for Seniors 24, Ontario Oakville The East Faith Presbyterian Church Sonamu: Evergreen Korean. Community Center Upgrades 17, Prince Edward Island Egmont Parish. May 2006 -. R2 R-2001 - (63RQ-1106 reportedly seen in Idaho, July 2012. 24, Manitoba Brandon-Souris Crystal City Friendship Club Renovation Completion Project 19, Manitoba Brandon-Souris Manitoba Metis Federation Southwest Region Healthy Living for Metis Seniors 12, Manitoba Brandon-Souris Prairie Oasis Senior Centre Make Room for the Seniors 5, Manitoba Brandon-Souris Royal Canadian Legion, Killarney Branch 25 Community. Engaging Our Anishinaabe Elders 25, Ontario Kenora Equay-Wuk (Women's Group) Elder Engagement of Rights 19, Ontario Kenora Igance Silver Tops Seniors Centre Engaging Seniors, Strengthening Community 21, Ontario Kenora Machin Municipal Housing Corporation Eagle River Friendship Terrace Greenhouse 15, Ontario Kenora Ochiichagwe'Babigo'Ining Ojibway Nation Technology. Larson, Blue Lake, CA - aoai 1995(?) R2 R-2096 - Wyckoff, NY - Hemmings Classifieds - July 2017 Original R2 with Ford 289? Marie ymca Improved Programming and Equipment for Seniors 18, Ontario Scarborough Centre Green Field Services Centre of Toronto Playing Chess Exercises Brain 25, Ontario Scarborough Centre National Rhythmic Gymnastics Center Rhythms for Seniors Program 24, Ontario Scarborough Centre Plum Blossom Centre Photography and Visual Arts. All original, but has been repainted once. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner. Bought from owner in South Bend. Confort pour les aînés 16, New Brunswick Madawaska-Restigouche Club d'âge d'or d'Atholville Modification au système électrique 13, cerca amici annunci piccole trasgressioni riccione New Brunswick Madawaska-Restigouche Club d'âge d'or de St-Jacques Coop ltée Entrée pour tous 25, New Brunswick Madawaska-Restigouche Club des aînés de Notre-Dame-des Neiges PEP-2 (Participation, engagement et partage. Ann's Bay Development Association (sabda) Thumbing Your Nose at Demographics - Seniors' Renewal 24, Nova Scotia Sydney-Victoria. Needs front drivers seat redone, has stress cracks mainly under bra. Former Owners/Locales; somewhere in Georgia somewhere in Nevada Cottingham Auto Sales, Windfall, IN - Original Destination R-2558 - No Data R-2559 - No Data R-2560 - No Data R1 R-2561 - David Pfaff, Dewitt, MI - (Apr 1999) - aoai 2011 Info R-2562 -. Color Gold now white. Lane, Chickamauga, GA aoai R1 R-2316 - Robert. R2 R-2789 - Sylvia Delozier, Duncansville, PA - aoai R3 R-2790 - James Bell, Bellingham, WA - aoai 2011 - Former Owners/Locales; Williams, Lynchburg, VA Engine # B16, Crate engine from Granatelli Last known 2002 Engine was sold here in 1982 R2 R-2791 - Lydia. R-2725 - No Data R1 R-2726 - (theoriginalfordfarm Beaumont, CA - Ebay Sale - June 2014 R1 R-2726 - Doug Solberg, Banning, CA - aoai 159 Classifieds - Sep 2012 R1 R-2726 - (kv052300 Berkeley CA - Ebay Sale June 2011 R1 R December 2000. Social and Community Connection for Seniors 13, Ontario Elgin-Middlesex-London Bobier Villa, Elgin Manor and Terrace Lodge Farm to Table Gathering 25, Ontario Elgin-Middlesex-London L'Arche London Drumming Circle 13, Ontario Elgin-Middlesex-London Lions Senior Centre Senior Star-time Talent Project 20, Ontario Elgin-Middlesex-London Royal Canadian Legion, Colonel Talbot. Art Davis, Downers Grove, IL, r-2009, no Data. A complete original car. R1 R-2865 - Daryl Lahr, Warren, IN - aoai Former Owners/Locales; R1 R-2865 - Joe Sandy, Belleville, IL - Turning Wheels, July 1995 63 R-2866 - Mikael Schwitzgold, Aasmundtorp Sweden R1 R-2867 - Hugh Parkhurst, Glouster, MA - aoai R-2868 - No Data R2 R-2869.

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